Summer Birthdays Need Ice Cream Cakes and What Better Than an Oreo Cookies & Cream!

Finding the perfect ice cream cake has only been a problem for myself. I always thought I could make one way better than the grocery stores generic flavors. So I made the ultimate Oreo cake and it was actually pretty easy!

This simple yet over the top ice cream cake starts with a light and chocolatey devil’s food cake and then layers of smooth vanilla ice cream, crunchy oreos and chocolate fudge! Make any summer party into an occasion by trying this Oreo Ice Cream Cake!

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Enlist the Microwave for Easy Corn on the Cob – Say Bye Bye to Silk!

Corn on the Cob is so easy to make, but I always hate peeling back the husks to reveal tons of corn silk still stuck to the cob.

This simple hack requires only a microwave, and it works perfectly every time! Simply follow the directions below for some scrumptious corn that you can eat right out of the husk with some butter, or try throwing it on the BBQ and brushing it with butter for even more decadence! You’ll never go back once you try this!

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Ruffles Krispie Treats Are the Latest Salty-Sweet Spin on Rice Krispie Treats the Whole Family Will Love!

My whole family can’t get enough of Rice Krispie treats, so when we thought up Ruffles Krispie Treats, it just brought things to a whole new level of deliciousness.

Replace your usual Rice Krispies with Ruffles chips for a salty-sweet factor that you won’t be able to get enough of. This treat is so easy to throw together in no time for lunch treats or those last minute bake sales!

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Deep Dish Pizza Bread Bowl, the Easiest Pizza You’ll Ever Make!

Deep dish pizza is not the easiest way to make pizza but can be extremely delicious. I had to figure out a way to make one at home but on the other hand be super easy and I think I figured it out!

Pizza dough from scratch, no thank you. I don’t have the time or the know how to do it. Instead grab a large french bowl and hollow it out. Now it’s as simple as filing your giant deep dish crust with all your favorite pizza toppings! But in this case pizza Fillings!

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Spicy, Smokey, Cheesy and Just Amazing! Jalapeno Popper Potato Bombs!

Potato skins are not a new idea but what you put in them can be. Jalapeno popper is the first place my mind goes when making recipes so here we go again! Let’s get poppin!

The potato skin is the perfect vessel to put your favorite flavor in! Crispy potato stuffed with creamy and gooey cheese. Salty and smoky bacon. Topped off with the star of the show, Jalapenos! Every bite is as good as the last!

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You Won’t Miss the Bread with This Delicious Low Carb Cauliflower Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is one of those classic dishes that pretty much everyone can love because it’s so customizable – but have you ever heard of Cauliflower Grilled Cheese?!

Yes, it’s true, grilled cheese sandwiches can be low carb, and still taste absolutely delicious! Cauliflower is a surprising substitute for bread, but the taste and texture are spot on. Go on and give it a try – you might just make grilled cheeses with cauliflower from now on!

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Spicy Noodles Are A Much Needed Addition To Your Dinner Routine

Sometimes you just need a delicious bowl of noodles to feel satisfied. These spicy noodles check all the right boxes when it comes to making a delicious meal – they’re quick, easy and super tasty so you can whip them up whenever the cravings strike.

If you don’t love things super spicy you can cut down on the amount of red pepper flakes and chili paste (or leave them out altogether).

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Whip up All the Fixings for the Ultimate in Comfort Food with This Amazing One Pan Meatloaf Dinner!

I’ve made many one pan dinners using my trusty baking sheets, but an entire classic Sunday dinner? This One Pan Meatloaf Dinner is perfect for a no-fuss delicious comfort food meal.

You’ll be amazed at the fact that you can whip up everything from the mashed potatoes to the meatloaf to the green beans, all on one pan! Anything that leaves me with less dishes to clean is a winner in my book! You’ll love the flavors in this dish.

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This Single-Serving Mason Jar Monkey Bread Will Be Loved by the Whole Family

Monkey bread is one of my family’s treats – you can mix it up to make just about any kind you like. But…have you ever made Mason Jar Monkey Bread?

Yes, single-serving sized monkey bread is now available in a portable mason jar! Clean out those mini mason jars in the cupboard, bake up some biscuits and top it off with yummy frosting…this is the perfect treat for a party!

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