These Easter Brownie Bites Have a Cream Egg Center You Don’t Need to Hunt For!

The time has come and Cadbury Creme eggs will be here only for a short while. So buy as many as possible and try to think of all the ways you can bake with them! This recipe is a sure winner to get you going!

A simple brownie is a perfect canvas to add your favorite toppings to, but why not try stuffing them!? Chocolatey and chewy one bite brownies + addictive Cadbury Creme eggs, equals the treat that will have you counting the days until next Easter!

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Perfect Cheesecake Everytime

“I came up with this because I wanted simple, but elegant too. I wanted the taste of restaurant cheesecake, but something simple to prepare–because I did not want to measure the sour cream, I dumped in the whole container. I also did not want to bake for an hour, so that is where the 30 minute shut-off of the oven comes into play. I shut off the oven and do not open door for 6 hours or leave in oven all night. This will get you great reviews from friends. You also will not order cheesecake out again. If it cracks, garnish with fruit to hide the cracks.”
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