Key Lime Pie Thumbprints

Thumbprints aren’t just for Christmas! Pillsbury™ sugar cookie dough gets rolled in crushed graham crackers, baked and filled with a tart Key lime filling in these little cookies that are reminiscent of your favorite spring pie. We topped ‘em with extra white chocolate and lime zest for just the right amount of sweetness. Continue Reading

Pudding Packs Rule the School Yard for Years and Now You Can Make Them at Home!

Growing up my favorite school snack was my pudding packs! My kids are no different but so many additives and ingredients I can’t pronounce has made me rethink things. So now I’m making the at home and here’s how.

These pudding packs boast 2 layers of chocolate, 1 milk and 1 rich deep flavored dark chocolate. Not only do they take no time to make, your kiddos will beg you to make more!

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