Pizza Taquitos

Pizza taquitos – quicker than pizza, better than boring old normal taquitos, these are the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon spent slobbing on a sofa watching athletes at the peak of their physical prowess. Taking a minimal amount of time and effort giving a really delicious pay off, these molten sticks of cheesy pizza goodness are the ultimate game day snack.

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Cauliflower Pizza

I am a big fan of pizza and could probably eat pizza (or tacos) pretty much everyday of the week. Although that sounds delicious, it is probably not the most healthy of diets. Enter caulfilower pizza. When I want pizza but want one that is a little more nutritious, this is what I turn to. Although it is not exactly like pizza dough, this cauliflower pizza is pretty darn close.

Feel free to put all of your favorite toppings on the crust. I like old school pizza sauce, cheese and basil but the sky is the limit in what you can top with pizza crust.
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